PT-0701 Elevation over Azimuth Gimbal for Optical Payload

RPM Model PT-0701 Camera Gimbal

PT-0701 Elevation over Azimuth Pedestal

PT-0701 Elevation over Azimuth Pedestal

Used for test and instrumentation, this video-tracking Elevation-over-Azimuth Sensor Positioning Pedestal/Gimbal is of an open-yoke design, allowing customer-supplied devices to be mounted both inside and outside of the center section. The pedestal has a unique alternate mirror configuration that allows for mounting of a mirror to a third axis in the center section that rotates at one half the main payload elevation angle.

The pedestal is mounted to a wheeled platform with leveling feet for lab or field transport. The controller is mounted to the pedestal base, enabling a compact design and minimizing external cabling.

  • Open yoke design
  • Large, direct-drive, zero-backlash motors
  • Exacting positioning: 21-bit resolution, 17-bit accuracy
  • Alternate mirror configuration moves at 1/2 speed.
  • High speed and acceleration (>60°/s²)
  • Environmentally sealed for wide-temperature-range outdoor use
  • Interlocked stow-pins for safety during setup and transportation
  • Electrical and mechanical limit stops for all axes
  • Power: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Alternates available)
  • Provision for limited amount of customer internal cables