RPM has a long tradition of excellence in providing antennas, antenna positioners, and controls to suit the needs of both military and civilian air traffic control applications. RPM-supplied subsystems include positioners for the trailer mounted AN/MPN-25 and MPN-14 as well as numerous tripod and tower-mounted IFF antenna positioners and MTI reflectors. RPM’s major customers in this area include the FAA, ITT Gilfillan, and Raytheon.

Perhaps RPM’s most innovative telemetry tracking and antenna positioning system designs have been inspired by the unique requirements of communicating with satellites and other space-borne vehicles. From the completely modular Mark IV B Satellite Tracker and Data Receiver built for Orbital Sciences Corporation and the US Air Force, to the 3-axis split-post shipboard Commercial Broadband Satellite Program - Force Level Variant (CBSP-FLV) designed for Harris Corporation, to a Roll/Theta Differential Antenna Mount, and Satcom on the Move Terminal built for Oceantronics, RPM’s commitment to innovative problem-solving can be seen. 
Repeat customers of RPM include NASA, MIT/Lincoln Labs, Syndetix, and the US Air Force for our continued excellence in providing Satellite Communication Antenna Positioning Systems to aid in communications within commercial and government satellite constellations such as XTAR, Paradigm, and the Wide Band Global SATCOM constellation.

Since 1975, RPM has supplied numerous antenna positioning systems to all branches of the United States Military, both directly and through large system integrators such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. RPM antenna positioners and controllers have been tactically fielded in all areas of the battlefield environment from shipboard and airborne applications, such as Cobra GEMINI and the AN/SPQ9-B Lightweight Fire Control and Search Radar, to ground-fixed and mobile applications, such as Doppler and Artillery Locating Radar. RPM has worked with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, L-3, and many others to supply Antenna Positioning Subsystems for almost every military radar test range in the United States, including China Lake, Barking Sands, White Sands, PMRF, Patuxent River, and many others.

The largest field of growth for RPM over the last 10 years has occurred in the area of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the communication systems required therein for takeoff, flight, and landing. RPM has provided hundreds of mobile and man-transportable antenna positioning systems for integration into UAV Flight Control and UAV Data Link Systems such as  ASTOR,  EAGLE,  MIST II A,  MP-CDL,  MR-TCDL, TALS,  TCDL,  TIGDL,  UCARS,  UCARS/V2,  and  UCAV which have been used by all branches of the US Military in support of UAV programs such as the Hunter, Fire Scout, and Predator. RPM is currently under multi-unit production contracts with Sierra Nevada Corporation and General Atomics among others.

This is RPM’s broadest market area with systems supplied to dozens of different prime contractors and end-users for U.S. military, foreign, and civilian applications. Military test and instrumentation applications for RPM products include threat emitters, electronic warfare testers, RF and missile trackers, and flight termination systems. Civilian use for RPM products in this area include antenna positioning systems developed for radio telescopes, weather radar, video trackers, and laser beam directors among others. RPM positioners and controllers have been involved in several very large test and instrumentation programs, past and present, involving a variety of customers and applications including the Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) program for Northrop Grumman Amherst Systems and VERITAS program for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.