Vendor Info

RPM’s policy is to build an outstanding reputation with our customers by providing them with the highest quality products in the industry. In order to ensure that this standard is maintained throughout RPM’s entire product line, we rely on all of the  Vendors in our supply chain to provide us with the highest quality parts possible.

To ensure that RPM Vendors are maintaining the levels of quality and workmanship that we require, inspections are performed on every major incoming component. RPM also requires that applicable Test Data and a Certification of Conformance be supplied for all critical or high-dollar purchased parts, as these documents are often submitted to RPM's customer s as part of an Acceptance Test Data Package. 

When evaluating a new potential vendor, RPM will send a member of our Quality Assurance Department to the vendor’s facility to perform an audit. A ranking is then assigned to the vendor, and a decision made as to whether or not this vendor’s capabilities are in line with RPM’s requirements. Only those vendors with the highest quality workmanship and products are considered acceptable sources of supply by RPM.

In lieu of a direct audit, prospective Vendors/Suppliers can proactively submit their current ISO 90001 or AS9100 certification for consideration. Approval is subject to RPM's discretion.



RPM's standard "Terms and Conditions" and our "Vendor QMS (Quality Management System) Codes" are attached below. These documents are applicable as noted on all RPM Purchase Orders and Requests for Quote.
To indicate that a particular activity is required by a Purchase Order, the code number of that activity will be indicated within the Purchase Order Line to which it applies. All activities required by these codes must be completed prior to RPM acceptance of the item being purchased.

RPM reserves the right to update these documents at any time. While we will make every effort to keep our supply chain apprised of current requirements, we strongly recommend that all  Vendors review this webpage with each contract award to assure compliance with the latest revision of the "Terms and Conditions" and "Vendor QMS Codes."

RPM Terms and Conditions DOC 38001 (Download PDF)

RPM General Terms of Sale DOC 38102 (Download PDF)

RPM Vendor QMS Codes DOC 35065 (Vendor Inspection Codes) (Download PDF)